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Blue and White Faience Inkwell, Handpainted.

  • NZ$12500

Interesting European antique faience inkwell - white slip glaze over slightly pinkish white earthenware body. Hand painted in blue designs. Looks a lot like Delft, but I'm not certain. The only maker's mark is a hand painted "R" underneath (just like the French Robert's faience factory in Marseilles, but I don't think this item is that early - but I could be wrong). Part of the decoration on the lid of the inkwell itself is cross and dots, a little like the Weesp mark. Measurements: 11.5 cm diameter and 8.2 cm high. The finial to the lid has been off at some time, and is glued on. There is a scrape to the point of the finial, resulting in lack of glaze there. The inside of the ink pot has had the glaze worn off in two areas, one on either side of the bottom - probably where a sharp dip pen was often rested. The loss of glaze here has resulted in an ink-blue mark.  There are three round holes in the top of the stand for holding your pen. Lovely piece, is a good weight, definitely not modern. Inside the carcass, the thick white glaze has not touched all areas giving a good insight into the way the item was made.

Item No. 9960

Shipping:   NZ North Island: $14.00      NZ South Island: $22.00          Australia:  $35.00     Rest of World:  $42.00

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