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WWI Trench Art Brass Sugar Scuttle.

  • NZ$18800

Made from a WWI brass shell casing, this ingenious sugar hod has a heart-shaped hinged handle and conical base made from the pointed end of the shell. Shell has been cut with “Sweetheart” shape to the top. The shell is dated 1913, and also has “75” and  and “B” )can’t read the rest of this - handle attachment has covered it. Also at the lower part of the shell rear,  RS.  L  1913  75 D”.  The base piece has the Army arrow marking and two “B’ stamps, back to back. Item measures 15 cm high with the handle up, 16.5 cm long and 8.5 cm diameter. Very good condition (needs a polish if you like a polished finish) and quite heavy.

ITEM REF. No:  C14954

Shipping:   NZ North Island: $14.00      NZ South Island: $22.00          Australia:  $35.00     Rest of World:  $42.00

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