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Victorian Treen Glove-Powder Dispenser.

  • NZ$5800

Antique turned wood little Treen powder dispenser - mid to late 1800s. Ladies (and gentlemen) would shake a small amount of powder inside their gloves, which made pulling on the gloves easier to achieve. Small size and screw-top meant it could be carried in a purse or reticule. It has a double-screw top - one part opens the bottom container for filling, and the top-most one has the little pointed end for placing in your gloves. Measurements: 6.3 cm high and 2.4 cm diameter at its widest point. Very good condition, just two tiny blemishes on the wood. No cracks or splits.

Item C15249

Shipping:     NZ: $10.50.     Australia: $12.00.     Rest of World: $19.50.

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