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Portrait Miniature of Young Girl.

  • NZ$4500

Miniature portrait of a young girl - painted on card, possibly an overpainted photo, but it's difficult to tell. On the rear of the card is what appears to be a workshop sheet, where the client details the sitter's complexion, hair colouring etc - colouring by rote, Victorian style. (This may be just a bit of card which was used to mount the portrait, and nothing to do with it). The name given as the sitter (or possibly the person who ordered this item) is Mrs Johns, Belfast. The complexion is listed as fair, the eyes as dark grey, the hair as dark brown. Finished in "colors". Time of delivery to be June, and a note to make hair smoother. Total item measures 7.5 cm by 6.5 cm, not including the hanging bale (3 inches by 2.1/2 inches).  The frame is possibly brass, with glass covering the portrait. Very good condition. Late 19th to very early 20th century.

Item Ref. No:  10447

Shipping:    NZ North Island: $10.50      NZ South Island: $12.50       Australia: $20.00     Rest of World:  $26.00

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