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Pair of Old Sheffield Plate Decanter Coasters.

  • NZ$44900

Circa 1835, these OSP coasters have an ornate design of grape vines around the rims, and a turned wood bottom. There is copper bleed showing more prominently on one than the other. They measure 19 cm diameter and 4.5 cm high. Very nice pair, very Country House chic.  (Old Sheffield Plate - not to be confused with Sheffield Plate - was a process of silver-plating used before electroplating became the new thing. It consisted of annealing or fusing a sheet of copper with a thin sheet of silver. This was a bit problematical when it came to edges, as the fusing could be seen, so frequently applied decoration such as the grape vine above, was used to hide the edges.  Polishing over many years wore the silver coating, and the subsequent show of copper through the silver is know as “bleed”).
Very good condition, baize under base.

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