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Old Sheffield Plate Decanter Coaster.

  • NZ$16500

OSP (Old Sheffield Plate) coaster - large enough for a decanter, and could also be used for a modern bottle. Gadrooned edge, turned wooden base. Measures 4.5 cm high by 15.5 cm diameter. Copper bleed showing on the high points, mainly around the top inside rim. Circa early to mid 19th century. (Old Sheffield plate was the forerunner to modern day silver plate - it was a sandwich of two sheets of either sterling silver or German silver, fused with a sheet of copper between them.  Edges were often hidden by applied bands of decoration. The "bleed" is the copper showing through the silver when years of polishing wore away the silver sheet. Silver plate was invented in the 1840s, and after that OSP lost favour, as silver plating is cheaper to manufacture).

Item Ref. No. C14068

Shipping:   NZ North Island: $14.00      NZ South Island: $22.00          Australia:  $35.00     Rest of World:  $42.00


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