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Lustre Glass Victorian Mug, 1887.

  • NZ$8500

Gorgeous glass handled mug, with etching of leaves and ferns. It has a name and date engraved: “Mrs. Hawkins. 1897”. This is a form of Exhibition glass, and has a an elusive gold sheen, and lights of purple, green etc on the handle. Items such as these were sold and engraved to request at Exhibitions - Easter Shows and similar. It measures 11 cm high and 7.8 cm diameter at the middle - with the handle it is 11 cm wide. Excellent condition, no chips. This has been in one of my personal collections for the past 21 years.

ITEM REF. No. 5599

Shipping:   NZ North Island: $14.00      NZ South Island: $22.00          Australia:  $35.00     Rest of World:  $42.00

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