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French Brooch, Swan with Arrow Royal Motif.

  • NZ$14500

Pretty, possibly silver brooch (no hallmarks so not necessarily silver), with a central applied motif of a swan. The swan has an arrow piercing its breast , and with rope-like stems to the Fleur de Lis motifs of the background was the cipher of Queen Claude of France (consort of Francis 1st) and was a Royal heraldic symbol. The arrow signifies pierced or transfixed - as of great love, not a death symbol at all. One assumes that Queen Claude was transfixed by her love of country, royal duty etc. Maybe even the husband...  The background is an elaborate circle of fleur de lis with stalks that are rope-like, which was also part of the swan motif used by the French queen - the rope of St Francis.
The clasp on the brooch is a 1930s plus round hinge, with a trombone clasp. This style of clasp was mainly of European make, and although used in the 19th century, it became popular again in Europe in the 1940s.
Unusual item, measures 4.5 cm diameter. It comes with a much later detachable safety chain. Excellent condition.

ITEM REF. No. C15301

Shipping:    NZ North Island: $10.50      NZ South Island: $12.50       Australia: $20.00     Rest of World:  $26.00

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