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Four Belleek Plates, Black Mark Period.

  • NZ$600

1926 to 1946 is the period when these plates were made. Beautiful very fine porcelain with the typical iridescent Belleek glaze. Made in Fermanagh, Ireland. The pattern is Tridacna. The plates consist of two side plates, and two smaller plates. Smaller plates are16 cm diameter and the larger plates are 18 cm diameter. They all have faults - there are no chips or cracks, but one smaller plate has mottling to the centre yellow glaze area,  the other has a small mark on this same area. The larger plates: both have scratches to this same centre area. Both are scratched with 4/6 meaning 4 shillings and sixpence - put there a long time ago (before decimal currency) by a secondhand shop with no realisation of what they were damaging. Selling these very cheap - someone may have a use for them.

ITEM REF.  No. E15442

Shipping:    NZ North Island: $12.50      NZ South Island: $16.50       Australia: $25.00     Rest of World:  $34.00

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