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Drip or Speckle Glaze Jar Vase.

  • NZ$6500

Shaped as a ginger jar, but with wider opening. Very lovely glaze of strawberry red and green. It measures 11 cm high and 12.8 cm diameter. I have no idea where it was made - there is no maker’s mark. It could be Chinese  - although the base is not typical of this - it could be English, though with no mark, which is also not typical. It could be Australian such as John Campbell, but no mark, or Remued, or Melrose, but the glaze and pattern is more precise than these. It’s a beautiful item, and in excellent condition. Hard to get a good photo, as the gloss reflects too much. I have had this at home for the past 21 years, having bought it in auction. I would think it dates circa 1930s-50s. If anyone can hazard a solution to its origin, please email me!

ITEM REF. No. 5640

Shipping:   NZ North Island: $18.00      NZ South Island: $26.00          Australia: $40.00    Rest of World: $70.00

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