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Dayazhai Empress Dowager Bowl.

  • NZ$17000

Chinese Imperial yellow rice bowl, hand painted, bearing the Dayazhai marks in iron red underneath and around the upper side of the bowl. The marks under the base read “Enduring Prosperity and Eternal Spring”. The oval painted mark on the bowl side is a rough rendering of the period mark “Spring throughout Heaven and Earth as One Family”, with not all the detail usually found around the border of the oval.
If genuine, this bowl would date from the late 1800s to early 1900s period, when the Empress Dowager Cixi commissioned items.
It could be a copy, as it is a little cruder in the drawing than most. The bowl has a yellow wash ground, with monochrome grey/black outlined peonies, wisteria, and a bird singing with beak open from a branch. Bowl measures 5.8 cm high by 11.15 cm diameter at the top rim. Elegant shape. Two small black dots internally. Excellent condition - no chips etc.

ITEM REF. No. 1696

Shipping:   NZ North Island: $14.00      NZ South Island: $22.00          Australia:  $35.00     Rest of World:  $42.00

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