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Chinese Carved Jade Piece, Bee.

  • NZ$9500

Green Chinese jade open-work carved item, could be part of a belt? It has a slot for a ribbon or similar. The motif is what appears to be a bee - except the wings are more bat-like. Whereas it has the stripes of a bee, it also has curled antennae or feelers on its head. So - what animal or insect is this? Both sides are carved the same. Could be mounted as a pendant.  Measurements: 4.2 cm high by 5.65 cm wide and 0.05 cm thick (5 mm). Excellent condition.

ITEM REF.No. 13372

Shipping:    NZ North Island: $12.50      NZ South Island: $16.50       Australia: $25.00     Rest of World:  $34.00

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