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Shipping Collectors: MV Rangitane Pewter Mug.

  • NZ$3500

Vintage glass-bottomed pewter ale mug with an enamel plaque for the M.V. Rangitane.  She was launched in 1929. The Rangitane was later sunk by the two German armed merchant raiders, Orion and Komet,  550km of East Cape, New Zealand, 27 November 1940. She was carrying 201 crew and 111 passengers. Seven passengers and eight crew were killed, the rest were taken aboard the German ships.
There appears to be two ships named Rangitane  - one has a single funnel, and one twin funnels. The single funnel ship was also owned by NZ Shipping Co, and was finally broken up in 1976.  I have no idea to which one this mug belonged.  Both are sometimes called the MV Rangitane, and at other sources, the MS Rangitane. All very confusing. The mug would date from around 1930s, to 1950s at latest, so it could be a souvenir from either of them. Conical, it measures 12.3 cm high, with a base of 9.8 cm diameter. The glass bottom is etched with a rather macabre scene of a horse and carriage passing a hanged man on a gallows, with the inscription “The Last Drop”.
Condition very good.

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