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Brass Antique Chamber Stick with Ejector

  • NZ$7500

Antique chamber stick - the candle holder that was used in all households before gas or electricity lighting was invented. Ladies and gentlemen lit their chamber stick and carried it upstairs to their bed chamber. This one is brass, it is probably early 20th century, because it has a small slot under the candle holder which would have housed a box of the wax matches used then. The candle holder has an ejector - this is a lever which when pulled up, brings the used candle up to the level of the drip ring - so it can be easily removed and replaced with a fresh candle. There is also a slot in the carrying handle which would have held a snuffer. The item has not been polished, and the patina makes it appear as if it were dull copper - but under that patina, there is brass, if you want to polish it. Measurements: about 13.5 cm high, 17.5 cm wide and 14.4 cm deep.

ITEM REF. No:  E12112

Shipping: NZ North Island: $14.00 NZ South Island: $22.00 Australia: $35.00 Rest of World: $42.00

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