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19th Century Lava Cameo Brooch, Gold Frame.

  • NZ$26800

A souvenir of Mt. Etna or Vesuvius  - the sort of brooch a well-to-do lady from the 1800s would buy or be given, as a souvenir of a trip to Italy. This one is beautifully carved with a classic woman’s head , unusually presented as a side view. The frame of the brooch is gold. Item measures 3.7 cm by 3 cm, and 1 cm thick not including the rear clasp. The hinge to the clasp is possibly a replacement. This is a lovely subject and one of the prettiest examples of this type of 19th century jewellery I have seen. Lava is a material that can scuff easily, and this one has been looked after extremely well -  it has no damage at all.

ITEM No. C15303

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