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10K Gold Halia Ring, Fancy Band & Rhinestone Crystal.

  • NZ$8000

10ct gold ring with an indented and shaped band - it is mounted by a diamond-shaped rhinestone top quality crystal. Halia is the North American equivalent of the well-known contemporary charm bracelet brand on the market here (they don't like their name mentioned if it isn't their product). This ring is one of a series of stacking rings that Halia made, all with varying motifs and stones. They mostly have a high-standing head so that the other stacking rings can fit in around them. Ring is stamped with the Halia name and trademark, and the gold carat (10K) and the number 7010  6, which is probably the design and size. Ring face measures 6 mm wide by 6 mm. It stands 6.5 mm high above the finger. Band is 2 mm thick. Ring size is English L+ to M (USA size 6) with an internal diameter of 16.5 mm. Excellent as-new condition. (We have a few other of these stacking rings in this category).

Item 13283-4

Shipping:     NZ: $10.50.     Australia: $12.00.     Rest of World: $19.50.

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