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Vintage Teddy Bear

  • NZ$6800

This is a very appealing bear - I haven't been able to identify his maker (I am a novice at Teddy Bears), but he has some of the markings of an antique bear, in that he is stuffed with wood shavings, which should mean he dates pre-1915. He also has metal ring joints ( I can feel them). Quite large, he is approx. 49 cm tall (19 inches). All joints move. Glass eyes, long legs, stubby feet, long arms with upwards-pointing hands and a very firm, solid body. (J.K.Farnell?). Stitiched nose and mouth, pouty chest. However, his muzzle is not pointed, it's rounded. Condition is not bad for the age, with fur wear (his fur is short), worn-through feet pads and one of  the hands is worn through. A much loved bear, I would say. He (she?) comes with a somewhat worn-out imitation pearl double-strand necklace, not original to him of course, but it has been there for about 70 years or more and the bear might miss it if I throw it away.

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Shipping:   NZ North Island: $18.00      NZ South Island: $26.00          Australia: $40.00    Rest of World: $70.00

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