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Old Britannia Metal Coffee Pot.

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Coffee and tea pots such as this look good in a decor display group - and you can use them as watering cans for indoor herbs and plants.Pewter or Britannia metal pot, hinged lid, embossed flower pattern and blank initials panel. Nice little feet.  This one would make an ideal watering can.
Pretty knob finial on lid, a raised flower with leaves and leaf detail to spout. English made, late 1800s. It would have most likely been silver plated on Britannia metal when new, but a century of polishing has worn all traces of the plate away, leaving the pewter-like finish. Measures 21 cm high, and 23 cm wide handle to spout. Diameter is approx. 13 cm. I used to have many of these on an old plate rack in our kitchen, and I loved the look of them all. Each one is different in design so it makes an interesting display. I still use one as a watering can for those potted herbs the supermarkets sell.The metal is very soft, so they usually have a few age dents and dings. I have several in this category, so you can assemble yourself an inexpensive antique display grouping.

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