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Carved Bone Fist Handle, containing Stanhope.

  • NZ$8900

Carved finial, probably originally part of a propelling pencil, but could be made into a pendant today. The fist is closed around a Stanhope Peeps - a tiny piece of clear glass with a photo scene in it. If you peep through the glass you can see 6 little scenes in monochrome, of Hornsea, UK. This type of novelty item was invented by Stanhope, hence the name. You have to look through the correct side of the peep, or you will see nothing - so if you see zero images, turn the hand around. There is some ink, or possibly the very faint remains of a motto on one side. Item measures 8 cm long and 0.65 cm diameter. Chip at the lower edge where it would have been screwed into the pencil.

ITEM REF No:  8449

Shipping:    NZ North Island: $10.50      NZ South Island: $12.50       Australia: $20.00     Rest of World:  $26.00

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