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Ball Gown Length Kid Gloves.

  • NZ$1800

Old kid gloves with three pearly buttons to the wrist area, (where you could peel back the lower glove to eat or wash hands).
These are the formal length that would be worn with a ball gown, or wedding dress etc.  Gloves were de rigeur back up until the 1960s.These are in very good condition, but they have brown dirt marks. Kid can be gently washed and cleaned, so all is not lost. They measure approx. 42 cm long.  Gloves such as these can be cut up to make doll’s shoes, or other items. They look messy in the photos, because they have been folded up for many years.

ITEM REF. No. E11206-1

Shipping:    NZ North Island: $10.50      NZ South Island: $12.50       Australia: $20.00     Rest of World:  $26.00

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