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Bairnsfather Postcard "A Maxim Maxim", WW1.

  • NZ$1800

WWI Postcard by the iconic war cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather, from his collection “Fragments from France”, Series 4.  Captioned “A Maxim Maxim: - “Fire should be withheld till a favourable target presents itself”. Measures 13.6 cm by 8.65 cm. Some foxing, slight corner folding. Halfpenny green stamp. Addressed to Sergt. H.G. Riley, “C” Squad,  2/1st D.S.O.Y (or it could be D.L.O.T), Annsmuir Camp,  Ladybank. The message is “ Having a gay time here. Plenty of chicks and square. 11-11. Tks very much for your wee signature on Peggy’s letter. Hope you are always enjoying yourself. Kindest regards, Daisy.”  Franked in Edinburgh. Sept. 21, 1917.

ITEM REF:  C14000

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