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Antique Carved Brooch, Basket of Flowers.

  • NZ$5800

Small brooch, made in vegetable ivory - vegetable ivory is made from carved nuts, commonly tagua nut, corquilla nut or corozo nut. Tagua is white, while the other two are brown tones. Before plastic became common, many buttons and sewing implements were made from vegetable ivory.
This little item is a beautifully rendered wicker basket filled with flowers with central blackened pistils. Small, measures 2.35 cm high by 2.66 wide. Excellent condition. Would date late 19th  to early 20th century.

ITEM REF. No:  C17609

Shipping:    NZ North Island: $10.50      NZ South Island: $12.50       Australia: $20.00     Rest of World:  $26.00

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