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I never knew I had so much "stuff" stored away!

Posted by Susannah Everitt on

Currently, I'm still trying to clear the contents of our old stockroom - a very large room, in which many things had lain hidden for 20 years or more. A lot of the items were put aside because they were not perfect, or were part of left-over items from clearances, or part lots from auctions, or had gone into the "gonna clean" basket.

Once I wouldn't have loaded them up to the website, as they didn't fit through age or style. Now I'm ruthless - if it's here, up it goes. So... if you see some strange items, things not antique or collectable but maybe quirky, or groups of odd things being sold together so that they may find another home, it's all in the grand plan to clear the decks here at Anticus. I'm hoping that someone somewhere may like some of these low-priced offerings!

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