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Vintage Talia Cheese Grater.

  • NZ$600

English Talia grater, large, medium and small grate panels. The metal, which is standard tin, has been “tinned” - the coating that was used then to help prevent corrosion. This example has a little light colouration, but no real rust. Some people put a tiny amount of olive oil on a cloth and give it a gentle rub to keep in good condition - be sure to put only a smidgeon of the oil and wipe it off, as you don’t want it to flavour your cheese. Grater measures 18u cm high (7 inches) and 9.5 cm diameter at the base. It is slightly conical, with the top being 8 cm diameter. Slightly misshapen base, owing to a shallow dent on the largest gauge panel. Lovely bit of vintage Kitchenalia by the popular Talia brand of the mid 20th century.

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