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Vintage Nutmeg Grater.

  • NZ$1000

Grater from early 1900s. Grate the whole nutmeg kernel on the front curved surface (the grated bits fall out from the inside), and keep the remaining piece of nutmeg in the little compartment at the rear. Can be hung on a wall. It has a sort of overall surface rust, but has been tinned (a sort of oxidised tin sealing, also used in copper saucepans) originally, so this should come off with a scrub. Made of pressed tin. Quaint and useful for a kitchenalia collector. Measures 16 cm long by 6.5 cm wide and 3.6 cm deep. Rear compartment has sliding door which you slide by grasping the sides of the grater.

ITEM REF:  E11457

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