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Sterling Silver Watch Chain and Vesta Match Case.

  • NZ$31500

Antique fob chain with graduated curb links and T bar, with a flip-top Vesta case. Vesta matches were the wax matches used before safety matches replaced them - you could strike them against anything rough, and all vets cases have a strike panel at the base. In the USA, they are called match safes. The chain has a silver mark on every link, with the maker's stamp on the T bar and clasp: Ce & Fd Ld for Constantine & Floyd. Date letter is for 1905, Birmingham. The vesta case has engraved leaves as decoration and a blank presentation panel. It has a British hallmark for Chester, 1910. The maker's stamp is for J & RG - Joseph & Richard Griffin. Vesta measures 4.1 cm by 2.75 cm and 1.1 cm thick. It has no spring to the lid, but opens and closes very securely. Chain is 27.5 cm long, with a 4 cm of extra links at the T bar. All in very good condition. Total silver weight is 42.10g.

Item C15039

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