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Large Antique Indonesian Pierced Buffalo Hide Puppet.

  • NZ$8500

Beautifully detailed large antique Indonesian puppet, made out of pierced buffalo hide, supported by turned horn sticks and rods. You can animate the hands and arms etc., using the sticks.  The hands are very graceful and expressive, the body is gold-painted and has cutwork decoration and beautiful intricate painting.  The hair is curly, and this effect is achieved by delicate cut work. Puppet is one dimensional, and measures 45.5 cm high, not including the hand poles, so about 65 cm all up (25.1/2 inches). There is one hand animator pole missing, and a break in the central support rod behind the body.  To use as a puppet, these would need repair,  but to use as decoration, it’s superb.

Item C10000

Shipping:     NZ: $10.00    Australia:  $17.00     Rest of World:  $32.00

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