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Hubard Framed Cut-Out Silhouette, Woman, with Trade Label.

  • NZ$35000

Cut out bust-length silhouette of young woman, hairstyle and clothing correct to early half of 19th century. Purely a silhouette, no shading or cut detail inside the portrait. It is contained in a reeded wooden frame with top loop for hanging. Rear has a very thin sheet of wood with a trade label attached. The label is printed in italics with capital letters for the important words. (ONE SHILLING, and HUBARD GALLERY and MASTER HUBARD). The label is 5.15 cm by 6.4 cm ( 2 inches by 2.1/2 inches). Frame measures 12cm by 9.75 cm. Silhouette card measures 10.2 cm by 7.7 cm. On the rear wooden sheet is written in pencil is the name "Eleanor". You can google Hubard, most activity in these silhouettes are early to mid 19th century. A good example of one of these rare items. This item came from England.
Condition: Silhouette is in very good condition - some normal age slight yellowing to the card, but excellent really. (The marks you may see in the photo are reflections of light on the glass). The frame has wear, and the rear sheet of wood has splits and wear. Label is yellowed, but very legible. There is one tack keeping the wood, silhouette and glass in the frame, and one missing, so a little precarious here. Will leave this to the new owner to correct.

Item E10025

Shipping:     NZ: $10.00    Australia:  $17.00     Rest of World:  $32.00

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