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Boxed Set of 12 Fruit or Entrée Knives and Forks.

  • NZ$23000

Late 1800s to early 1900s, this beautiful, immaculate set of silver plate and mother of pearl knives and forks were traditionally called fruit knives and forks, but can be used for many other things - they would be suitable for terrines, or many types of entrée dish. The tines and blades are engraved with patterns of scrolls and flowers. There is a maker's stamp to the rear of the knife blades, "W & G S" in gothic lettering. They come in their original box, and are in excellent condition. They appear to be virtually unused. The box is also internally in excellent condition, but externally has suffered the odd mark or scar. This is a very good quality, handsome set, and is one of the best I have ever had in.

Item 12226

Shipping:     NZ: $14.00     Australia: $25.00.     Rest of World: $58.00.

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