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Art Nouveau Bracelet and Ring Set.

  • NZ$16500

Beautiful bangle and ring, the ring being attached to the bracelet by a chain. Art Nouveau design, very striking. I bought this for myself in the early 1970s in Paris. It was new at that time. I don’t know what the metal is - it could be silver, or silver plated - silver plated is most likely. I don’t have a test kit for this, but the metal is not magnetic, so it’s possible to be either of the previous. The adjustable band in the ring is definitely plated metal, but it is not the same appearance as the rest of the item. No maker’s marks.  Bracelet measures 5.2 cm high at the front, and can be adjusted in size by squeezing the metal open or tighter. (Fix on your correct size though, as bending the metal too often must eventually damage it to breaking point). The ring is also adjustable, but is more like a maximum size NZ/UK size O (USA size 7). The pair are both in very good condition.

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