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Antique Maltese Silver Vesta Case, Dents.

  • NZ$6500

Dating probably circa 1900, this silver vesta case - made for the wax matches that carried the Vesta name: before safety matches came into use, you could strike one of these on any rough surface. The case has a match-striking bar underneath it. Made in Malta by Francis Meli. On the inner rim there is a full hallmark for 900 silver, Meli's symbol of the tower, an anchor, the name "Francis Meli", and "Malte". The lid spring is in good condition. The case has dents (could be straightened out by a silversmith). It measures 5 cm high by 4.5 cm by 1cm thick. It is slightly curved to fit a fob pocket, and has a suspension ring on the side for use on a fob chain. TW: 25.9g.

Item 12116

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