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1920s-30s Child's Puzzle Blocks.

  • NZ$4000

Jigsaw puzzle, made of 6 square blocks which can be turned to make a picture. Having six sides to each block, this makes a total of 6 puzzles to do. French, in a wooden box with paper glued to the blocks for the pictures. I can get most of them, but not all. There is only one picture on the lid - the solution to one puzzle. Images would date the puzzle at 1920s to 30s. Some staining and wear to the paper covering the blocks, but sill very do-able, and would make a great display in a child’s bedroom. Box measures 10 cm by 14 cm by 5 cm high. Blocks are each 3.5 cm square.

ITEM REF:  E10559

Shipping:     NZ: $10.50.     Australia: $12.00.     Rest of World: $19.50.

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