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Toddy Ladle, Georgian 1787, Silver and Baleen.

  • NZ$30000

Antique long-handled ladle, oval dished silver bowl with a coin inset for George III, 1787. Twisted whale baleen handle. Used to be for doling out hot toddy - a little like punch today. Very elegant. Measures 37 cm long with 7.5 mm diameter handle. Lipped bowl is about 2 20 mm deep by 76 mm long by 54 mm deep. Scrolled initials engraved to front of bowl  - looks like “A.B.”. Minor dent next to this, but in excellent condition overall.  Handle joins are notoriously weak on this type of ladle, but luckily they only hold small amounts of liquid.
Interesting item.

ITEM REF: C17356

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