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Three Classic Books, Antique.

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Three books, rather scruffy but still enjoyable, and all dating around 100 years old. The first is Charles Dickens’s “A Tale of Two Cities”, an early 20th century edition, complete, red hard cover. measures 16cm by 11.5 cm and 2.6 cm thick.
The second is “William Tell”, published 1892 by George Routledge & Sons Ltd, London. Author is Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller. The tale is written as a play in five acts, and the publication is from John Lubbock’s Hundred Books. Scruffy blue hard cover, measures 19 cm by 13 cm by 1.9 cm thick.
The third book is Anatole France’s “The Wicker Work Woman”. 1924 edition (3rd printing).  Faded in patches on the cover, has a dust jacket, but it is in pieces. Otherwise in good condition. Measures 19 cm by 13 cm by 2.2 cm thick.
Classic reading.

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