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Four Carved Wood and Ivory German Musician Figurines.

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Beautifully observed antique figures of a double bass player, a violinist, and two wind instrument players. All in period dress. Carved in the Black Forest style, with ivory faces, hands, instruments or part instruments, buttons on clothes and shoes. Fabulous detail to rear of clothes (jacket flaps, cloaks and coats, spare instruments poking out of pockets). They each stand around 18cm tall, with bases of 5.75 cm. They are not perfect: Violinist has no bow (I presume he did once have one?), the double bass player’s instrument has a glued repair to the fret strip running down the face of the instrument, and the flute player has the brim of his cap reglued. However, given the exquisite detail of these figurines and their age, some imperfections are inevitable. These are a taller and slimmer design to than anything I have seen on the net - they are more realistic and characterful.

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